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Floating floor class А-60


Fire resistance tests of the construction are carried out according to PIO 2010, the resolution of MSC.307(88), A754 (18) IMO on compliance to the requirements of "Rules of classification of construction of sea vessels", Resolutions of IMO MSC.61 (67) and "Rules of the Russian River Register". 


  • The thickness of the steel sheet is from 4.5 mm (± 0, 5 mm), on a plane of the deck bulb plates (vertical ribs) with step of 600 mm are welded. 
  • The surface of the deckfrom opposite to stiffening ribs side is isolated  with plate "Tizol-Flot Fire 150", density of 150 kg/m3, thickness of 50 mm(or 2 layers of 25 mm with overlapping joints).The adjunction of plates must be dense, without gaps. Isolation can be cut with a knife, circular or hand saw. 
  • Layer of insulation is covered with a steel sheet with a thickness of at least 2 mm with step of spot welding of 150 mm. 
  • When mounting it is not allowed walking on bare insulation: it is recommended to use plywood, boards or other rigid sheet materials. 
  • The edge of a steel sheet shouldn't adjoin densely to the surface of the bulkhead, the resulting gap is filled with plates "Tizol-fleet Fire 150" and plastic sealant.