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Bounded steel bulkhead class A-60


Fire resistance tests of the construction are carried out according to PIO 2010, the resolution of MSC.307(88), A754 (18) IMO on compliance to the requirements of "Rules of classification of construction of sea vessels", Resolutions of IMO MSC.61 (67) and "Rules of the Russian River Register"


  • The thickness of the steel sheet is 4.5 mm (± 0, 5 mm), on a plane of the bulkhead bulb plates (vertical ribs) with step of 600 mm are welded.
  • Insulation material: plate "Tizol-Flot Fire 100", density of 100 kg/m3, thickness of 40 mm, both in the basic plane and in a set. Clearance under stiffening ribs is filled with the same material. The adjunction of plates must be dense, without gaps. Isolation can be cut with a knife, circular or hand saw.
  • Fastening of isolation to metal is carried out by the welded steel pins with a diameter of 3 mm followed the subsequent fixing by spring washers with a diameter of 38 mm.
  • Pins are arranged on the surface of the steel basis with a pitch of approximately  400 mm; at the junctions of plates the distance between pins shouldn't exceed 300 mm; on stiffening ribs – with a pitch of 300 mm. The length of pins is 8-10 mm more than the thickness of isolation.