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JSC "Tizol"

JSC "TIZOL"-one of the first domestic manufacturers of fireproof insulation,producing products for shipbuilding.

The company was founded in 1949 to provide high-quality insulating materials ащк nuclear industry. Today it is a modern, equipped with high-tech equipment, a dynamic industrial complex producing slabby and rollmaterials on the basis of basalt.

Our products are equal to foreign analogues. The systemof three-stage monitoring ensures quality controlinitial check of raw materials, step-by-step control and final inspection of products.The plant has its own accredited laboratory.

In 2011, the quality management system was certified according to ISO 9001-2015 and the certificate of Module D was obtainedin Germany that is a guarantee of quality system compliance with the European standards.

Materials used in shipbuilding, must meet rigid requirements of fire safety, have good sound-proof and water repellent properties.

All materials are non-combustible, as evidenced by the records of the tests carried out in the accredited laboratories in Russia and Europe. Products have been approved and certified by the Russian marine and river registers, as well as by German Module Dcertificatesalong with the United States Coast Guard permission, which demonstrate the conformity of the insulation quality to the European standards. Since 2013 the company carries out regular deliveries of products to Germany.

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